Lala Salama (Magufuli) “English Translation” Lyrics

I wiped away the tear on the left
Crying flowed
Heartburn pain
The soul will be broken

Crying older children
His screams are heard
Carve our challenges
Where they will be held

You are asleep, they are asleep
Go to Magufuli go wee
We loved you and God loved you more
Dad go wee, dad go wee

Namely father
We will remember you for your good deeds
Say father
We will remember you for your love

There is a time when I lose my power
I say no God this is not right
Why are there so many just had to go
You answer this “NO” to my favorite

You love John, you love John
You have left us we do not see it is not dawn not evening
When we get to the front, we don’t see it
God bless you father in a good place in paradise

Really good does not last
It is tears and bitterness
It’s sudden, it’s sudden
Thank you for building a strong Tanzania
Go, go, go to sleep

Sleep well, rest dad
Sleep safe, work is done
Sleep safely, we will always love you
Sleep well

Sadness has reigned
Jembe Tanzania has left us
That is, as a business today the nation is grieving
Father go safe, we will miss you very much
Apply Maulana Amina

The technical structures we see
Free education we read
Our headquarters in Dodoma
You have honored us father

Supposedly our path is one
You preceded us not following
We are staggering the nation is hurting
We cry for you

A brave creature again vibrant
Ametutoka (Ametutuka)
Brave and intelligent
Ametutoka (Ametutoka)
Magufuli you are gone
Simanzi Tanzania has left us

It means the fight is the limit
Pull and pull history is going to remain
Every epileptic tongue is seized
You can’t say you can’t argue
You always said pray for us
Ah, but death is crowned against prayer
We will always remember you

In the evening the sun sets
You have gone to bed safely
Everything you say is fulfilled
The Dodoma government has relocated
Dad why don’t you wait
The palace you built yourself has not entered

Sleep, sleep safely
Sleep safely, sleep safely
Eat and sleep, sleep well
Sleep safe (Sleep dad)

Lala, lala
Lala lala
Lala lala

Hear the cry of the neighbor
Tears tears who should look for who?
Death is death, death is death
Death is the greatest mystery in the world

It’s a lot you shared with us
Love me and him
The best education you can give us
Let the children go to school

Let’s work and insist
Let’s not sit idle
Why have you now run away from us
You left us with simanzi father

God has His ways and you can’t even lie to Him
God takes even what you submit to
Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys will fit
That is why religions say we should live in preparation

Look alas, now we breathe like there is no air
Should I continue singing?
Or let me pray for better days to come
Rest in Peace uncle Magu till we meet again Amen

It has brought us from zero to medium economy
Good bridges see high speed

Women have supervised us
In various sectors
You have stopped us and lifted us up

You nominated Samia
You have given us the courage to fight
Thank you Magufuli

Every hour you ended the conflict
Come and launch your project in Morogoro
Father (Father) Father (Father)

This is not what we expected
The pillar on which we are leaning has fallen
Father (Father) Father (Father)

Sleep well
Sleep safely, sleep safely
Thank you for your kindness
Sleep safely, thank you for your kindness
Sleep well

Free treatment for children and the elderly
You didn’t leave us behind ladies to move on

Who will wipe away our tears?
The nation wept
Who will save us from the Savior
And the captain has preceded you

It has overwhelmed us with grief
Father you have run away from us
They have opened the door for us
Grief has overwhelmed us, father

The light illuminates the nation
It’s abruptly interrupted
Magufuli our father
We will always remember you

Rest in peace
Is out of faith
All have left is memories
And – let go

You were not God let us know you were perfect
I would not fail to remain you
To take a hundred lunatics
Except that the eagle does not choose the chicken
The corpse does not choose the shroud and death does not choose the person

Mothers with low status
Bodaboda low conditions
Citizens of low status
They call you Magufuli stand up

I feel desperate
But I have to agree
Except Magufuli stops

It’s a lot you did bravely
It is not enough you were a patriot
The knees stand still
You fought for justice and did not discriminate against anyone or anyone
The knees stand still

The savior of the weak is gone
Brave justice gone
Favorite citizens gone
The development lover is gone

Father, sleep well, sleep well
Daddy sleep safe, sleep safe
We will definitely play again, sleep safe, sleep safe
Uuu la, sleep safe, sleep safe

A brave leader who opposed corruption
He lifted the weak only when he was overthrown
He was not afraid of any corruption he had touched
Service on time without even being rotated
See the rural roads we arrive at
Rest in paradise iron will always be remembered
Sleep well, uuuuu ..

Sleep safely, sleep safely
Sleep safely, sleep safely
Sleep safely, sleep safely
Sleep safely, sleep safely

Sleep safely, sleep safely
Sleep safely, sleep safely
Sleep safely, sleep safely
Sleep safely, sleep safely

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